Photographic Exhibition Software

The PhotoExhib software suite is made up of four main modules:

• PhotoExhib Online •

A modern and stylish web-based online entry system for photographic exhibitions. It allows people to register, giving their name and address etc, then upload images for all of the digital classes of the exhibition. The entrants are given the option of paying by PayPal, with automated payment acknowledgement. It provides feedback to the entrants by means of emails, and is very easy to use and administer.

Upon finalising their entry, an entrant is sent a full summary email, including thumbnails of the images they've entered.

When integrated with the PhotoExhib Judge module, customised results 'scorecard' emails can be sent, including scores and thumbnails with a visual representation of the results.

• PhotoExhib Judge •

A versatile and easy to use Windows application that facilitates the judging of photographic exhibitions with three selectors. It integrates with bespoke scoring handsets, recording scores directly into a database. When in auto mode, it runs as fast as the judges can score, requiring no intervention (at all) from the exhibition controller. Speeds of almost 900 images an hour have been achieved in live running.

No more manually transcribing judge's scores into another spreadsheet or scoring system. No convoluted file naming system or mind-boggling folder structures required!

• PhotoExhib Reports •

A suite of web pages which present exhibition results, in the form of text lists, slideshows and galleries.

This module was used to generate the recent Basingstoke Camera Club's exhibition results, which may be viewed here.

• PhotoExhib AV •

Available as an extra when PhotoExhib Judge is used, it generates slides for an AV show of accepted images, including image titling, entrant names and awards.


The software modules can be individually licensed for your exhibition. Please for further details